Hey, I'm Johnny ✌️


🏴‍☠️ Building a collaboration layer for the internet: fabric.so

🔨 Follow my journey, learnings and (many) mistakes here

Fellow at Z Fellows, On Deck and Pioneer

Started building a multiplayer internet OS based on learnings from WFHLAND
Won a Pioneer tournament with a spatial audio app that I solo built (WFHLAND)
🏴‍☠️ Quit my job and moved to Bali with a personal mission to build 20 internet product experiments (self-teaching software engineering along the way)
Ran the Uganda Marathon (to make myself begin running again)
Learnt Python by writing a Docker-simulated version of the Bitcoin network, complete with PoW
🎓 Got a scholarship for MIT Taiwan bootcamp, developed an ingestible fever sensor for cattle and pitched to Taiwanese Trade Minister
Scaled a messaging app to 1M+ users as its PM
1st proper job, @ LEGO, working on long-term future concepts
Solo built a lab-tested safety/navigation wearable for cyclists when I was 20